Virginia Hiking & Nature Studies: Forest Ecology, Wildflowers, Butterflies, Waterfalls, Trees, Wildlife. A Shenandoah Valley Naturalist Experience
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All Photos on strip 2011, Stephen T. Gibson, Certified Master Naturalist of Virginia Nature Guide
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Buckeye Virginia Bluebells Winter Doe Wild Turkey Cardinal Flower Eastern Tiger Swallowtail


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JOIN US FOR A SUMMER NATURE WALK in the forest with a "Certified Master Naturalist" amongst the summer wildflowers, bubbling trout streams and early-season butterflies and birds...away from the noise and crowds in the refreshingly cool air in the BLUE RIDGE Mountains.              
...Learn  and Enjoy the Following:
* Tree Identification - Leaves and Bark
* Spring Wildflowers Identification
* Spring Butterflies Identification
* Forest Ecology. Woodlots, Fragmentation, Corridors, Vernal Pools, Bogs
* Forest Communities (Boreal, Oak/Hickory, Pine/Maple, etc.)
* Old Field Succession and Wildlife Clearings
* Study Wildlife Trials and Where to Find Them
* Understand Trout Stream Riparian and Habitat
* Learn Distant Wildlife Sounds. Know What You Hear.
* Learn How to Identify Wildlife Through the Thick Forest
* Learn How to Locate Wildlife During the Cold Months
* Much more, click Here for a complete list

Call (540) 294-0354 multi-business phone to schedule a refreshing outdoor mountain activity in the central
Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. This is a
Master Naturalist led activity.

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Customized Nature and Forest Study

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Virginia Smallmouth 


2003, Stephen T. Gibson/Wild Mountain Trout Fly Fishing & Virginia Nature Guide
All Photos Copyright 2011 Stephen T. Gibson, except Deer